Kitten Fosterers & Carers


We are a passionate, Taupō based group, that believes every animal is precious. Rescued animals need a home, some of them just need a place to chill and grow before being placed in a permanent home, whilst other need to recover.
We are looking for a range of foster services, these being:
a) Care of small healthy kittens from approximately 6 weeks old, they stay in foster care until they are round 8 - 9 weeks old.
b) Special needs kitten, might be on a course of antibiotics or perhaps frail due to lack of nutrition and need to improve body condition.
c) Older cats that need a home environment whilst we find a permanent home. Could by aged from 8 years old or more
d) Adult cat foster, could be 1 to 2 weeks until room becomes available at the CARE Cattery.
e) Emergency fostering of adult cat or kitten - Vets from around the country contact us if a healthy animal has been brought to them for euthanasia. We need to give the vets an immediate response. The most limiting factor for us is NOT having 'ready and waiting' foster care homes - this is an important roles that quite literally saves a life.
Bedding, food, crates, litter, tray and all veterinary requirement are provided by CARE. We provide 24hr support and advice to our foster families if there are any concerns.
You would be helping to the save the life of your foster pet which gives a great deal of satisfaction and lots of FUN.


If you have a genuine love of animals and their needs this is a wonderful way for you to help animals in need. You will be supported by some dedicated volunteers and provided with food, litter, trays and kitty beds to set up for this. You will need to be spending a significant portion of your day at home while fostering young kittens. You will need to be comfortable in handling animals and will be given all the support you need. We need fosters who are empathetic and compassionate towards animals and their welfare.

A CARE Animal Manager may come to speak with you at your home and to view the area that an animal would be kept in. If you only meet some of these requirements contact us to discuss as you may still be able to assist.
Vaccination for Covid-19 is not a requirement for this role.

Time commitment:

This role is full time for the period you foster an animal.
This role is "as and when required" and this flexibility is great for people who have a fluctuating amount of time to offer.

Getting started:
The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

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