Employability Plus Programme (EPP)

The Employability Plus Programme (EPP) is an initiative that gives University of Waikato students the opportunity to gain work-ready skills through volunteer activity. Students are recognised for the extra work that they do through this programme and it will assist students in standing out when they are job hunting as they will be gaining the practical skills and experience sought by prospective employers.

Volunteering is one of three modules that the programme offers. Students will also take part in personal development workshops and contribute to the University in a variety of ways. The aim of the programme is to boost employability, engage with like-minded people and enhance their overall student experience.

The University has partnered with Volunteering Waikato so students are able to apply for volunteer positions directly through the Volunteering Waikato website or by visiting the Volunteering Waikato team to discuss their options if they are looking for specific roles suited to their area of study or organisations they are passionate about.

You can make an appointment by phoning Volunteering Waikato on 07 839 3191.

If you are a University of Waikato student and want to find out more about the Employability Plus Programme - visit:

If you are from a community / non-profit organisation and would like information on becoming a partner, email employabilityplus@waikato.ac.nz for more information.

"I volunteer for the diverse and incredible life experiences and skills that I wouldn't get... if it wasn't for volunteering! I'm glad for EPP in encouraging me to stay active and engaged with the community.
Hannah Azlan - Bachelor of Business in Strategic Management, Digital Business, Supply Chain Management

"I volunteer because it's a good way to spread positivity and be part of a good cause. As a bonus you get to meet many amazing people and learn a variety of useful skills"
Nishtha Singh - Master in Business and Management

"I volunteer because I am happy to help and relish each remarkable experience I get with volunteering. Buy experiences, not things. It is valuable to spend your time on helping others."
George Z Liu - PhD Student