Employability Plus Award (EPA)

The Employability Plus Award (EPA) is an initiative that gives University of Waikato students the opportunity to gain work-ready skills through volunteer activity.

The Employability Plus Award is made up of three components:

  • Community Involvement (volunteer activity)
  • University Involvement (volunteer activity)
  • Skill Development

The purpose of this award is to encourage our students to get involved in the community and develop their employability skills, along with participating in University opportunities and events. We’re no longer inputting hours, instead we’re giving recognition to ongoing roles, leadership activity and other volunteer participation.

"I volunteer for the diverse and incredible life experiences and skills that I wouldn't get... if it wasn't for volunteering! I'm glad for EPA in encouraging me to stay active and engaged with the community.
Hannah Azlan - Bachelor of Business in Strategic Management, Digital Business, Supply Chain Management

"I volunteer because it's a good way to spread positivity and be part of a good cause. As a bonus you get to meet many amazing people and learn a variety of useful skills"
Nishtha Singh - Master in Business and Management

"I volunteer because I am happy to help and relish each remarkable experience I get with volunteering. Buy experiences, not things. It is valuable to spend your time on helping others."
George Z Liu - PhD Student