Best Practice Guidelines | Te Anga Whaitake

1 August 2023 | Home Items

The latest version of the guidelines are out and we are presenting a free workshop on how to use them in your organisation.

2023 VEA - Congrats Winners Slide
2023 Volunteer Excellence Awards - Award Recipients

23 June 2023 | Home Items

Volunteering Waikato congratulates the recipients of the winner, runner up and commendation awards from the 2023 Volunteer Excellence Awards.

2023 Volunteer Excellence Awards - Youth Category - Nominees

14 June 2023 | News

The YOUTH category celebrates individual volunteers aged 25 or under.

2023 Volunteer Excellence Awards - Team Category - Nominees

13 June 2023 | News

The TEAM category celebrates Teams of 2 or more volunteers.

2023 Volunteer Excellence Awards - Long Service Category - Nominees

12 June 2023 | News

The LONG SERVICE category celebrates individual volunteers with 20+ year volunteering experience.

2023 Volunteer Excellence Awards - Individual Category - Nominees

11 June 2023 | News

The INDIVIDUAL category celebrates individual volunteers aged 26 years or over.

2023 Volunteer Excellence Awards - Event Category - Nominees

10 June 2023 | News

The EVENT category celebrates individuals volunteering at an event in 2022.

Why Volunteer? 7 Benefits of Volunteering

12 April 2022 | Home Items

Why volunteer? The benefits of volunteering can last a lifetime—not only for those who you are helping, but for you as well...

Want help to find the best volunteering opportunity to suit you?

19 January 2022 | Home Items

Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer role that will excite you and help you give back to your community? Give us a call!!

Van Gogh and Volunteering

1 May 2021 | Magazine Articles

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things put together” ~ Van Gogh