The Volunteering Lifeline

1 December 2020 | Magazine Articles

When you work with volunteers you get to meet some fabulous individuals with their many and diverse personalities, viewpoints, and life stories...

Volunteering Waikato's role in the UN Sustainable Development Goals

12 October 2020 | News

Volunteering Waikato is working to identify and improve how we directly and indirectly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals [SGDs]...

Could your organisation involve more volunteers?

6 August 2020 | News

Volunteering Waikato is looking to partner with more organisations in order to increase the number of available volunteer opportunities...

Volunteering – Nourishing the body and the soul

1 July 2020 | Magazine Articles

Food is also something that cuts right to the heart of community – and it can be a gauge of how healthy our communities really are...

Volunteer Excellence Awards - and the winners are...

10 June 2020 | News

The Volunteer Excellence Awards results were announced during National Volunteer Week... click to find out more!

COVID-19: Volunteering in a new "normal"

18 March 2020 | News

You will all be aware of the development of the Coronavirus around the world since the beginning of the year and the devastating effects in some count...

Employee Volunteering when you can't Serve in Person

17 March 2020 | News

Planning for the impacts of COVID-19 on communities, employees and business operations has been an added focus for most employers over the last severa...

COVID-19 planning: Tips for Non Profits and Volunteer Engagement Leaders

16 March 2020 | News

Tips for nonprofits and volunteer engagement leaders as you prepare your organisation’s volunteers for COVID-19

HSBC NZ Sevens Team getting their volunteer on!

23 January 2020 | Featured Volunteers

What do you do with 28 teams of fit Sevens players who have a little bit of time to kill in Hamilton? Put them to work volunteering!

Some very talented volunteers!

13 November 2019 | Featured Volunteers

Showing Waikato discovered some very talented volunteers, and took the opportunity to create some clever Christmas Cards for the 2020 show...