Volunteer Testimonials

The following are testimonials from volunteers who have used our services...

"I am excited to share this great news with you. I just finished my interview from Refugee Orientation Centre and they selected me as a Administration volunteer. I will start my work sine next Wednesday. I really appreciate that Karyn helped me with my application. I can not imagine that I could get in there if without her kind encouragement and proper suggestion. Please pass my gratitude to her when you find this email.
Annie - volunteering at the Refugee Orientation Centre

"I’m Priyalal from Sri Lanka, and I came to meet you today. I have applied for the position of Electrical Tester with Habitat for Humanity and will talk to them tomorrow. Thank you very much for the time you spent for me giving me guidance, I really appreciate it. It was the first time I got such a warm welcome and positive thoughts session after I arrived in New Zealand - thank you."
Priyalal - volunteering at Habitat for Humanity

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to volunteer with the St Vincent de Paul and the Red Cross. It was a good way of giving back to your community for your kindness, and a very productive way of coping with being so very far away from my home. Thank you again - I wish you all the best!"
Macs - volunteered while her husband was studying on a scholarship in New Zealand

"I started volunteering with Tim because I like helping people. I wanted to bring a smile to someone's face. Being able to say I made a difference in someone's life gives my joy... and it's a lot of fun. It also helped me gain paid employment. My volunteer experience is one of the things that stood out when I applied for the job."
Uditha - volunteered as a Befriender for Aspire Community Support Trust

"It's (volunteering) really helped me sleep better at night, if that makes sense. I've worked for a lot of profit making initiatives before, and when I step out of that zone and realise that there is a lot of ways to give back, rather than just trying to spend money, trying to make money."
Rahul - volunteered at the Rural Youth and Adult Literacy Trust (now employed there)

"I find it really satisfying helping people, and one day I want to have my own not-for-profit organisation - it's really important to learn the skills for that. You meet so many different kinds of people, so many new experiences, there are so many opportunities for volunteering - so many different ways you can help. "
Jess - volunteered at Volunteering Waikato