Health & Safety Officer


• Review and maintain a hazards register and flow charts identifying any active hazard and the steps taken to reduce or eliminate the hazard. In the event of an unavoidable hazard carry out active reviews using accepted hazard assessment guidelines;
• Review all hazard identifications from staff and where necessary submit to Operations Manager for action his/her recommendation;
• Carry out investigations into all accidents/incidents and provide reports to Operations Manager along with recommendations for future actions;
• Provide a full report summarising all accidents/incidents and recommendations to the Management Committee every month;
• Should the Railway wish to organise any special event or activity outside the normal operations, the Safety Officer must prepare a Safety Plan, plus identify any hazards for elimination or reduction of risk prior to the event taking place.
• In the event of any incident/accident, the Safety Officer is to assist the Operations Manager throughout the period;
• The Safety Officer shall ensure not to endanger his/her own safety or compromise the safe running of the railway;
• Preparation of Annual Safety Performance Review and submission to the NZTA;
• Promote and monitor that personnel are actively identifying and assessing hazards in the workplace. To assist with hazard identification, controls and reviews of identified hazards to ensure they remain in control. To monitor and audit operations for compliance to relevant guidelines, standards and legislation, - primarily Worksafe New Zealand and the NZTA Rail operations requirements;

The Safety Officer is under the control of the Operations Manager and reports directly to him/her. However, should the need arise the officer can report directly to the NZTA. The officer is to accept and act upon any report from staff or members of the public.


Qualifications and Experience:
• Fully conversant with all current H&S legislation, MBIE or Worksafe New Zealand guidelines and Rail Safety guidelines;
• Some commercial/industrial experience involving Health & Safety compliance would be an advantage.

• Outcomes/Solutions-focused;
• Handles stressful situations well;
• Works with minimal supervision;
• Quick learner;
• Exceptional communication skills;
• Ability to work in a multicultural environment;
• Can work as an individual or within a team environment.
Must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and able to show proof of this.

Time commitment:

Flexible, but a commitment to this significant role is necessary.
This role is based in Waihi.

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