Conservation Volunteer - A.J.Seeley Gully


Assist with a gully restoration project at the AJ Seeley Gully reserve, planting NZ native trees, removing environmental weeds, learning about gully restoration in the city. The group meets on Monday mornings at A. J. Seeley Gully. Learn about New Zealand native plants, basic horticulture and gully restoration. You will be supporting your local community and helping to create diverse habitat that will encourage the return of native wildlife.

By participating in this volunteering opportunity you are helping achieve the following United Nations Sustainability Goals ;

Goal 11 - Sustainable cities and communities
Goal 13 - Climate action
Goal 14 - Life below water
Goal 15 - Life on land


Physically fit and keen to muck in. Must have a good command of English, or have an interpreter to assist on site as need to be able to follow instructions and understand Health and Safety issues. We are an active group, meeting at present every Monday, MUST be able to work well in this environment. Be prepared to get a little dirty, can co-operate with others in group, good communication skills, able to follow verbal instructions, inquisitive, keen to learn.

Time commitment:

Monday mornings 9.30am.

Getting started:
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Ref: 1270

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