Morrinsville Historical Society

The Morrinsville Historical Society with the Morrinsville Museum endeavours to preserve the social history of Morrinsville and District and to provide a service to the community by the preservation of artefacts, an archival service, an educational resource and an attraction to visitors who have a particular interest in social history. We wish to give our residents, especially the district's school children a 'sense of place'.

Available Roles:
Museum Website Designer

Morrinsville Historical Society
IT | Both/Flexible | Home Based, All Towns

Design a new website for the Morrinsville Museum.

Sunday at the Museum

Morrinsville Historical Society
Hosting | Evenings/Weekends | Morrinsville

The Morrinsville Museum is open on Sundays, and we are looking for new volunteers to help look after our guests.

Costumes and Textiles Volunteer - Morrinsville

Morrinsville Historical Society
Conservation | Both/Flexible | Morrinsville

This position asks a volunteer to assist us with costumes and textiles in the museum.

Artefact Documenting - Morrinsville

Morrinsville Historical Society
Research | Both/Flexible | Morrinsville

Assistance is needed with the documenting and managing of artefacts and associated information into the Museum's collections.