HSBC NZ Sevens Team getting their volunteer on!

23 January 2020 | Featured Volunteers

What do you do with 28 teams of fit Sevens players who have a little bit of time to kill in Hamilton? Put them to work volunteering!

Some very talented volunteers!

13 November 2019 | Featured Volunteers

Showing Waikato discovered some very talented volunteers, and took the opportunity to create some clever Christmas Cards for the 2020 show...

2019 Volunteer Excellence Awards... and the winners are...

26 June 2019 | News

Volunteering Waikato congratulates the nominees and recipients of the 2019 Volunteer Excellence Awards!

Jennifer's story - challenging the stigma of mental health through volunteering

23 May 2019 | Featured Volunteers

Jennifer shares her thoughts on volunteering, the stigma of mental health, and diversity...

Volunteering Waikato's GM receives Queen's Service Medal

16 January 2019 | News

Volunteering Waikato general manager Heather Moore was "pretty stunned" when she was included on the New Year Honours list...

Ever thought of volunteering with pumpkins?!

19 December 2018 | Featured Volunteers

Chris does!! "I like to meet different people, get into different spaces, do different things - you can't get much different than pumpkins, right?"

Corporate Volunteering Done Right

16 December 2018 | News

Recently Hobbiton movie set reached out to Volunteering Waikato, with hopes of getting involved with Daffodil Day... the result was win-win!

Learning benefits of volunteering

16 November 2018 | News

‘Not only did these students learn that there are those that cannot afford a simple meal, they learnt that they can do something about it...'

Volunteering Waikato - walking the talk

16 October 2018 | News

Their community contribution and support of the volunteer sector are a true testament of an organisation that can both walk the walk and talk the talk...

Using Reciprocity to Combat Loneliness

1 September 2018 | Magazine Articles

I’ve been reading about a wonderful organisation in the UK called “GoodGym”. Its focus is to provide opportunities for people to connect with older fo...