The Rauhī Project

Our mission is to inspire children to be the best, most active citizens they can be by uniting and educating them through group music-making and orchestra. We want to teach children about co-operation, respect, trust and harmony, and how they can work together to make this world a better place. One of our objectives is community involvement, so our goal is to get more children and youth from the community playing and learning in our orchestra and for the local community to rally behind them with support, encouragement and pride. The Rauhī Project (was Sistema Waikato) is a social development programme that supports children through musical tuition. The programme has been running for three years, with more than 150 children enrolled and participating in after school sessions and holiday sessions learning violin, flute, cello, fife, double bass, clarinet, choir, percussion and musicianship. Children attend from our five partner schools (Nawton School, Rhode Street School, Crawshaw School, Vardon School and Forest Lake School) and come together each week to learn, have fun and make new friends.

Available Roles:
Support Staff

The Rauhī Project EPP
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Sistema Waikato is a musical social development programme supporting children in West Hamilton communities through free orchestral music tuition.

Music Tutor Assistant

The Rauhī Project EPP
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Music tutor assistants will support music tutors in their classes...