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Lake Taupō Hospice is a registered charity run by the Lake Taupō Hospice Trust and we provide palliative care to patients who are nearing the end of their life’s journey. The term palliative means alleviating without curing. We are members of Hospice NZ, the national hospice movement that ensures every New Zealander has access to quality palliative care. Lake Taupō Hospice is a community based hospice meaning our focus is on caring for people in their homes. Patients do not stay overnight at Hospice House but if circumstances mean that it is no longer appropriate for a patient to be cared for at home there are residential hospice beds available in local Rest Homes where the patient will still be under the care of Hospice.


Available Roles:
Wednesday Weeders

Lake Taupō Hospice
Gardening | Both/Flexible

The experience our visitors and in-patients have starts at the front gate - a welcoming physical environment is a big part of that! If you enjoying pottering in the garden, weeding, trimming and planting then this role will suit you down to the ground.

Tuesday Club Cook

Lake Taupō Hospice
Food Services | Both/Flexible

Would you love to be part of making someone's day extra special? If you love cooking and being part of a team, this role could be just what you are looking for!