St John Op Shop - Hamilton

We're on a journey towards becoming a truly integral part of New Zealand's community health care solution of the future. The Vision for St John is enhanced health and wellbeing for all New Zealanders. Our five values guide how we do things together: We do the right thing - Whakaaro Tika, We stand side by side - Whakakoha, We make it better Whakawerohia, We have open minds - Whakahangahanga, We are straight up - Whakapono? We involve volunteers at events, volunteers to assist with ambulance call-outs, volunteers to assist in emergency departments (FEDS), volunteers to call and provide verbal support to the elderly (Caring Callers) in Area Committees and Opportunity Shops.

Available Roles:
Op Shop Assistant

St John Op Shop - Hamilton EPP
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Want to make a real difference in your community? We are a local Op Shop raising funds for ambulance and other related services in our local area.