Waikato Rocks Trust

Waikato Rocks: The One Place for Creative New Zealand. Our aim is to Showcase and Promote Original Creations of our people on Television, Radio, Online and on Stage. Our weekly television show is on SKY TV 083 and our weekly radio show is on Free FM 89.0. You can find all our activities on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/89fmwaikatorocks/ and also on our website: http://waikatorocks.co.nz/ Join us and help us in celebrating the creations of our people.

Available Roles:
Home Based, Hamilton

Waikato Rocks Trust
Committee & Board | Both/Flexible

We are looking for a fresh set of creative minds to come on board as Trustees to support the youth and keep Hamilton and Waikato vibrant.

Music & Dance Fest Helper

Waikato Rocks Trust
Music & Entertainment | Evenings/Weekends
6 March 2021

Raglan Music and Dance Fest. We are promoting the music and dance of the youth in Waikato for free! Four youth music groups and six dance groups are performing in this colourful free event at Kopua domain, Raglan. The event is three hours in duration.