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1 August 2023 | Home Items

Volunteering New Zealand | Tuuao Aotearoa launched its original Best Practice Guidelines for Volunteer-Involving Organisations in November 2012. These were were designed by a national cross-sector working group, in-depth consultation, and piloted with regional organisations.
These were recognised locally and globally as ground-breaking and world leading. Until their release, there had been few, if any, guides - nationally or internationally - as to what 'best practice' looked like in volunteer-involving organisations.

The guidelines were updated in 2015, and in 2017 an online tool was launched for individuals to complete and receive a report with actions and resources.
Te Anga Whaitake - Tuuao | Volunteer Best Practice Guidelines 2023, sits alongside these existing tools, and provides a simplified accessible framework, and corresponding resources and tools to support self-led learning.

The guidelines identify seven key evidence based good practice areas for volunteer involvement.
They are:

  1. Engage and recruit volunteers
  2. Welcome and onboard volunteers
  3. Volunteer support, leadership, and management
  4. Train and grow volunteers
  5. Feedback and recognition
  6. Celebrate volunteer impact
  7. Exit volunteers
    Each area has key principles, what good volunteer practice looks like, and actions you can take for each of these practice areas.

To read the guidelines, head to Tuuao Aotearoa | Volunteer New Zealand's website here: Best Practice Guidelines | Te Anga Whaitake