Woodwork buddy - Hamilton


We are looking for a person who is passionate about woodwork, willing to share their knowledge and skills with someone so as to help improve their woodworking techniques. This person currently enjoys building and construction and would like to gain more woodworking skills. You would be teaching them new and basic skills while making it fun and engaging. There will be some travel required, as you will need to meet the person Hamilton Community Mens Shed, 2 Seddon Road. Reimbursements of expenses are negotiable

By participating in this volunteering opportunity, you are helping achieve the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goal(s):
Goal 3 – Good Health & Well-Being
Goal 4 – Quality Education

  • Knowledge of woodworking i.e basic understanding of skills required to complete woodwork projects
  • Willing to work in group environment, while mentoring one on one with person
  • Be a good communicator and motivator
  • Will be required to work alongside the person's primary worker
  • Is able to make sure the teaching environment is fun (using sense of humour, not too rigid teaching style)
  • Access to transport (Public or has own car)

A Police background check is required for this role.

Time commitment:

Every Wednesday 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Getting started:
The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

Ref: 2130

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