Sponsorship / Grants Officer


In this volunteer role you will research what funding grants are available and explore sponsorship opportunities. You will prepare and process applications - these might be based on previous applications or be entirely new ones based on your research. Securing sponsorship enables us to connect with other businesses and organisations at a local and regional level, and is another area of potential support that we would welcome your ideas on. Finding sponsors to support the purchase or lower the cost of uniforms would make a big difference to our members.
The Sponsorship / Grants Officer is directly responsible to the President of Mercury Bay Athletics Club and members of Mercury Bay Athletics Club. This role has real impact through sustaining and growing our athletics club.

By participating in this volunteering opportunity you are helping achieve the following United Nations Sustainability Goals ;
Goal 3 - Good Health & Well-Being


Ideally the Sponsorship and Grants Officer is someone who is well organised and able to allocate time periods to prepare and apply for applications. You must be able to keep good records. It is essential you can work in a logical orderly manner. We are looking for someone who ticks all these boxes and who would enjoy working in a friendly and supportive team environment.

Time commitment:

This fluctuates according to the deadlines of various funding applications and how much time you are able to dedicate to researching options and opportunities. We would expect it to average at no more than 4 hours per week.

Getting started:
The first step is to express your interest by filling out the form below. We will then put you in touch directly with the organisation for more information on the role and how to proceed.

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