Spring Bug Repairer


We have an existing Spring Bug (a toy children sit on and bounce), and the top, and base has seen better days, and a lot of wee backsides! Our children love this, but it is in need of some love. We need someone who is able to unscrew them (we have two), replicate the top and base from plywood (which we can supply), and re make it, ensuring the children can use it for years to come, and not have to throw it away! If you google "Spring Bug NZ" there are images of a green bug on yellow springs... this is what we have. Pick up is from in the Ruakura Research Centre, but drop off could be organised depending on location.


You will need some basic wood working skills, and attending to detail. Also some basic tools, including skill saw or table saw, possibly a jig saw to cut around the bug, and then a sander (or sandpaper) to ensure all the edges are lovely and smooth and safe for our young babies who love these.

Time commitment:

How long is a piece of string? I think a competent wood worker could knock these out in an hour or two. :-)

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