Hamilton East Community Trust

The Hamilton East Community Trust was established in 2005. It evolved from the Steele Park Working Group, which was set up to improve safety in the Hamilton East area, and in particular Steele Park. Hamilton East's distinctive identity is created by its strong heritage appeal, nostalgic ambience and eclectic village atmosphere. Hamilton East is a pivotal link and pathway from the central city to the famous Hamilton Gardens. Hamilton East is known for its village atmosphere and heritage. The village shopping area is a popular destination for residents, local workers and visitors. Hamilton East Community Trust is very active in its community providing advocacy and submissions to HCC policies and plan, recourse consents, and advisory panels. The Hamilton East Community Trust has also produced two Heritage Trails for Hamilton East and the accompanying brochures give a great insight into our history and our heritage properties. The Hamilton East Community Trust is an important voice for the community and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance, preserve and improve our wonderful village The trusts objective is to strengthen the local community through community development initiatives around the Hamilton East area. Hamilton East is the birthplace of Hamiltons pakeha settlement as well as having a long and significant history for Ngati Wairere, the mana whenua of this area. All this work, which is voluntary, we do incur a number or costs relating to the administration of the trust. The Hamilton East Community Trust Started running the Hamilton East Heritage Festival after the Hamilton East Business Association handed over the Jazz Food and Wine Festival over to the Trust in 2008. The Trust realised that to have a real point of difference we needed to be celebrating our hero proposition, which is our rich heritage. Refocussing the festival into a fun family orientated day out which showcased the areas rich history, proved to be an outstanding success. With a mix of entertainment, vintage cars, pony rides and market stalls, there was something for everyone - even penny farthing races. Steele Park is the perfect location for the event, through location and historical significance. The Trust will continue to arrange this festival on a bi-annual basis.

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