After 25 years supporting people with disabilities we understand many of the challenges you face. We've seen the limitations that are often imposed, and we recognise that many people expect you to settle for a fairly mundane life. That's why we do things a little differently. We help you to get connected, surrounded with people who will facilitate opportunities which will enable you live the life you want. A life full of depth, colour and meaning. Our vision Connexu's vision is: communities where people are empowered. Our mission We collaborate with people to create and sustain a life that is meaningful to them, and we contribute to the strengthening of our community and encourage inclusiveness. Our values Social Justice: equality, equal opportunities, no discrimination, responsibility, independence. Integrity: honesty, transparency, professionalism, respect, cultural sensitivity, individualisation. Collaboration: supporting, encouraging, working together, working with others, team work, partnership, cooperation, sharing. Innovation: no boundaries, openness, communication, vision, creativity, new Ideas, pioneering, development. Care toward the people we support, the staff we employ and the communities we are part of.

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