Grandview Community Garden

We are a community garden where people from many different cultures work alongside each other, growing their own fresh produce and learning new skills. Grandview Community Garden is an allotment garden, which means the garden is divided up into over 40 separate plots and each of our garden members dig, sow and plant their own plot, then harvest and take home what they grow. Our team of garden mentors run regular sessions at the garden. At the mentoring sessions, everyone can learn how to plant their vegetable garden and grow food all year round, using organic gardening methods. We have a garden co-ordinator who sends out the emails, newsletters, does the admin and makes our funding applications. We also have a wonderful team of volunteers who help with many aspects of the community garden, such as mending tools, helping new gardeners settle in, feeding the worms and keeping the weeds at bay. We would love to welcome you and your family to our community garden.

Available Roles:

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