Long Service Award Nomination

This award celebrates volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution for 20 years or more in our community, in one or more organisations.

Nominees will be judged on their voluntary work within the nominating organisation and the wider community. These services must be given voluntarily to help others without expecting any personal or financial gain.


  • Your organisation can only nominate one volunteer (or team) in any category.
  • Nominations must be typed or clearly written.
  • Please ensure you answer every question.
  • Any supporting material submitted will not be returned.
  • Judging will be conducted solely by a committee nominated by Volunteering Waikato. The judges’ decision will be final.
  • Selected personnel from nominating organisations may be photographed for publicity purposes.
  • Any nominee, individual or team, cannot be nominated more than twice in any three-year period, unless the new nomination demonstrates something significant that was not present in the previous nominations.

Supporting information required:

  1. A digital photo of the nominee must be attached to the form. The photograph must clear, suitable for print, and must be a minimum of 1mb in size. This must be provided before the closing date.

  2. At least one letter of support is required.

Create a nomination
To create a nomination please use the form below.

You can save your progress at any stage. If you save and exit, please save the link provided to return later. Please be sure to submit your nomination and provide all supporting information prior to the closing date (April 26th). No additional information will be accepted after the closing date.

Thank you for celebrating our Waikato Region volunteers!

The Long Service Award nomination form is here...