Think things look a little different? They are!

22 February 2019 | News

Think things look a little different? They are!

Welcome to our new website and online services! If you have used our online services before, this is what you will notice is different...

You no longer need to log in – simply search for roles, and apply for any that you choose (one or two).

When you apply for a role you will be provided with contact details for the organisation, you can wait for them to contact you, or you can make contact with them.

At this time you cannot opt in to receiving automatic emails – but that is coming soon!!

You still have the option of coming in to our Hamilton office if you would like to sit down and have a chat with one of our team – just call us on 07 839 3191 to make an appointment.

We hope you enjoy our new system, feel free to send any feedback or suggestions to Heather –