Want help to find the best volunteering opportunity to suit you?

14 April 2022 | Home Items

Want help to find the best volunteering opportunity to suit you?

Are you looking for a meaningful volunteer role that will excite you and help you give back to your community?

There are many great roles available on our website, but sometimes reading through them generates more questions than answers. If that’s the case, then coming in and discussing some options with one of our skilled interviewers might be just what you need.

We are very happy to meet with you to help you discover the best volunteer role to suit your availability and interests. It might be a role that uses some experience and skills you already have, or it might be something completely new that moves you out of your existing comfort zone and into another!

Our volunteer interviewers often know a bit more about the volunteer opportunities that are listed on our website – you could say they have valuable intel on the organisation and the role itself – so can help steer you in the right direction.

Our interview process is super easy and informal. We’ll find out what sort of role you are looking for, give you some options and discuss the ins and outs of each opportunity. We can refer you to the role or assist you to use our website to complete the process yourself. There is absolutely no obligation to apply for a role – you may want to head home and think about the information before you make a decision.

Booking a time for an interview is very easy – just give us a call or email us.

If you are not in or near Hamilton, we are happy to arrange a meeting via zoom or phone.

This year might the year you do something meaningful, fun, or downright awesome, in your community and we’d love to help you achieve that!