Holiday Volunteering

20 December 2021 | News

Holiday Volunteering

If you are looking to help out in the community during your holidays some options are:

  • Send some love this Christmas to someone spending it on their own, post hand made Christmas cards in your neighbours letterboxes or take them to your local Rest Home!
  • Contact your local community centre, Community Houses or YMCA to see if you can help out with the School Holiday Programmes that run during school holiday times.
  • Check with a rest home in your area if you could come and visit the elderly to perhaps help with Christmas events, read a book or newspaper, play board games, play the piano, take residents for a walk or perhaps just sit and chat.
  • Get to know your neighbours, bake a cake, mow a lawn or take an elderly person shopping. Christmas can be a lonely time for those with no family, a cuppa and a chat can make someone‚Äôs day.
  • Keep an eye open for abandoned or stray pets in your neighbourhood, check with your local animal shelter to see if you can help. Perhaps you can provide a temporary foster home.
  • Clean up your local stream, park or beach, or get together with like-minded neighbours and plan/start a community garden.

If you have seen any roles on our website, whether a Team Volunteering project or [Individual Volunteer]( opportunities and would like to speak with someone before proceeding, contact our office when we reopen after the holiday break on 12th January 2022.

Please note: Your online registrations will be automatically processed however you will be unable to visit the office or speak with one of our advisors until we return in January. As most Non-Profits will close during this time there may be a delay in responding to your enquiry.

Meri Kirihimete!

Adapted from an article written by our friends at Volunteering Auckland