Corporate Volunteering Done Right

16 December 2018 | News

Corporate Volunteering Done Right

By Alex Shellar

Since the establishment of Daffodil day in 1990, the event grows from strength in numbers each year as it celebrates a day symbolic for hope in the Cancer society. Recently Hobbiton movie set reached out to Volunteering Waikato, with hopes of getting involved with the event.

About an hours drive outside of Hamilton, where the rolling hills of the Alexander family sheep farm merge into the mystical land that is Hobbiton, a display of daffodils were extremely hard to miss.

The clouds had cleared for the occasion and the atmosphere was buzzing with friendly staff and visitor interaction, all gravitating towards the nestle of Daffodil pins on display.

Hobbiton staff members received time allocations to maintain the balance between working and volunteering at the stand, ensuring that everyone was involved in the event. After speaking with some of the staff members about what Daffodil day meant to them, it became clear that everyone had a story to tell and dedicating their time and support to the day was the least that they could do.

Corporate Volunteering done the right way and for the right reasons, will always impact more than just the monetary gain for the recipient. It provides a safe space for those involved to share similar stories and effectively strengthens the community, through working towards an ideal goal.

Communications Manager of Waikato/Bay of Plenty Division Cancer Society of New Zealand, Angela March writes 'Every year we are humbled by the generosity of the public and the hundreds of volunteers in the region who dedicate their time to ensure the success of Daffodil Day. Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our communities; they play an important role for many organisations and for the Cancer Society they are crucial to our daily operations.'

If you are interested in volunteering, as an individual or as part of a group, contact Volunteering Waikato on 07 839 3191 or visit