Our new system - what organisations need to know!

22 February 2019 | News

Our new system - what organisations need to know!

We are very excited to have now launched our new website and online services, and this has included lots of review about how we do what we do. The things that you need to know are:

  1. Your old log in will no longer work – you will receive a ‘welcome’ email from us, inviting you to set up your login and password. If your organisation has multiple users, they will each get an email.

  2. You can now list one position in multiple towns – no need to list separate role – just select as many or few towns as you choose.

  3. When you create a new role, it is not automatically activated. Complete the role, then click ACTIVATE when you are ready. This means that you can create roles before you want them listed, and then simply activate to suit.

  4. We have automatically transferred over all open voluntary positions, but not the closed positions (there are way too many). However if you want us to send you a copy of a previous role – just ask – we still have full access to the old database.

  5. Remember that volunteers applying for your role will be given your contact details, but you choose which details – eg phone, email, online application form.

  6. You now have lots more choice regarding an application’s status or outcome. We will still need a final outcome, but you can put in a current status also.

  7. You can no longer access the contact details of volunteers that we referred to you prior to 2019. We still have all of this data – so if you need something, just let us know.

  8. When we refer volunteers to you, you will only have access to their contact details for six months following the referral. This is to ensure that Volunteering Waikato is meeting our obligations under the Privacy Act. If you do not have a database or spreadsheet already in place to keep volunteer records – why not list a role for a volunteer to create one! This type of role is always in short supply and easily filled.

  9. An awesome bonus of our new system! When you go into any of your roles, you can click on the STATS tab to find out some really useful info about that role - how many times it has been seen, how many applications, placement etc. Cool huh!

We are pretty confident that once you log in, the system is simple enough for you to navigate on your own, but of course support is always available. Just give Lorraine or Heather a call on 07 839 3191.