NETWORKING - November Virtual Network Meeting

10 Nov 2021 - 10:30am to 11:30am

NETWORKING - November Virtual Network Meeting

Hosted by: Volunteering Waikato via Zoom
Volunteering Waikato invites you to attend the November 2021 Volunteer Co-ordinators’ Network Meeting, a space for those working in the area of volunteer management to share ideas, challenges and questions with staff from other community organisations working in this specialised area.

TOPIC: International Volunteer Managers Day 2021 & Volunteers and Vaccinations

International Managers Day is an annual event recognising and celebrating the vital work that managers of volunteers provide to volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations. The theme this year is ‘What is Excellence - shape the future of volunteering'. Unfortunately we are unable to have our planned get-together. So instead...

Volunteering New Zealand and Volunteering Auckland will be sharing a video on Friday, November 5th "Future of Volunteering Part 2 - Leaders of Volunteer Engagement" which we would encourage you to check out (click here to find out more). Listen to volunteers leader from around the globe speaking about the future of Volunteer Management...

On November 10th, we will spend some time discussing the content of this video, but also discuss the hot topic - volunteers and vaccination. Note that this will be a discussion about what your organisations are doing in this space, and we can let you know what we are doing in regards to roles on our website.

Date: Wednesday , 10th November from 10.30-11:30am
Venue: This will be an online Zoom meeting - the link will be emailed to you

RSVP by Monday, November 8th

PLEASE NOTE - this meeting is available to Volunteering Waikato members only!


Open until Monday 8 November 2021 at 5:00pm