WORKSHOP: Doing the Hard Stuff Well - Hamilton

24 Sep 2019 - 9:30am to 12:30pm

WORKSHOP: Doing the Hard Stuff Well - Hamilton

Facilitated by Chris Atkinson - Regional Co-ordinator, Volunteering Waikato

WORKSHOP: Have you ever experienced a sense of dread when you need to address volunteer behaviour or have a conversation you don’t feel comfortable having?

This workshop explores a range of techniques you can use to have effective conversations with volunteers. We will explore:

  • What makes difficult conversations so hard
  • Impact - why we need to address behaviours and performance issues
  • A greater understanding of self talk and emotional intelligence
  • How to challenge unwanted behaviour and encourage “above the line” language
  • A process for identifying issues and engaging in effective communication

Venue: Trust Waikato - Little London Lane - Hamilton CBD

Registration closed