• Stop the Bus Charitable Trust

    Stop the Bus Charitable Trust

    Our aim is to promote the value and wellbeing of children and a reduction of harm and violence towards children in New Zealand. Reducing the incidence of child abuse in New Zealand. Promoting involvement in charitable and community organisations that benefit children communities, and enhance connectedness in our communities.

    Stop the Bus Charitable Trust has commissioned a documentary film project called Stop the Bus (a play on Stop The Abuse), which involves a family of 6 travelling New Zealand on a house bus gathering stories of New Zealanders who are having a positive impact on the lives of children in their communities. The journey and documentary seeks to inspire other New Zealanders to take action in their own communities to promote the value of children and reduce child abuse.

    Part of the documentary includes holding Link Arms events across New Zealand where communities will come out and link arms together, making a significant symbolic stand for the value of our children and against child abuse. In particular, we need help to make these events happen.