• Parentline Charitable Trust

    Our Vision is Safe family, Safe Child. Maru I te whanau, maru I te Tamariki.
    We work with children who have been traumatised by abuse and domestic violence. We also provide advice and support to parents and caregivers and counselling for children who present with challenging behaviours in the classroom and playground. We are a Child Advocate and have a policy of zero tolerance to domestic violence.

    We provide 1:1 Counselling, Social Work supporting families, Incredible Years Parenting Programme, Childrens Programmes including; Transformers, Kids Against Violent Experiences (KAVE), Keeping Ourselves Safe and Drumbeats.We also have 4 staff aligned to the Childrens Team as Lead Professionals and 2 staff aligned to the Hamilton pilot project of Integrated Safety Response working with families who have recently been invovled in a Family Harm incident.