• Paterson St Playcentre

    Playcentre philosophy is based on child-initiated play and recognises the parents as the first and best educators of their own children. Playcentre families receive a unique early childhood experience with opportunities for whânau and families to learn together.

    Playcentre offers a FREE Education programme for all parents involved at playcentre.

    Paterson Street Playcentre is a parent-run early childhood education co-operative based in Dinsdale, Hamilton, for children from birth to six.

    Unique within the early childhood sector, Playcentres are cooperatively managed by the parents with support from experienced Association and Federation personnel. We also provide general support network for mums and their families.

    We are open Monday and Wednesdays from 9-12 noon.
    Every Friday we also have two SPACE sessions for babies to 1yr old.
    Playcentre is for children from birth to school age to come and play along side their caregivers. Dads are also welcome!


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