• MATES Organisation

    MATES Organisation

    Great Relationships = Happy Healthy Communities

    MATES is a Not-For-Profit Organisation Empowering Community Communicating the Hidden Power of Relationship For Men and Women, in a Relationship or Single Through Subsidised Workshops, Seminars and Programmes

    "Manifest The Life of Your Dreams!"

    "Relationship Yoga develops the ability to express ourselves creatively and intelligently, positively impacting on others, whilst simultaneously expanding our own consciousness"

    "The Most Powerful Yoga of the Moment!"

    Relationship is simple really... A woman wants her man to be great and a man needs to be therefore engaged in his own advancement.

    MATES Cafe is purely about saving lives... Do you realise that in 2016 over 400 Men in New Zealand chose to take their own life, rather than be able to stand their emotional trauma they were undergoing.. Many because of relationship breakdown...

    Over 12,244 Men have killed themselves in New Zealand since 1985!(approx. 3,780 Women Suicides in same period) Age-standardised suicide death rate, by sex 1996 - 2012 New Zealand

    "The suicide rate is an indicator of social cohesion— the intentional taking of one’s life is evidence not only of personal breakdown but also frequently of a deterioration of the social context in which individuals live" Enough is enough!

    MATES has been operating for nearly 10Years in New Zealand... we now need your help to drastically lower the Male Suicide rate... are you with us?

    Saving a Man's Life can be to either:

    Help him navigate in a new direction, and potentially prevent him from killing himself

    Help him to find support and hope to move forward in rebuilding his new life...

    To spare the pain and anguish of all those around him that will be affected for the rest of their lives, if he goes through with it...spouses, ex-spouses, children, friends, friends of friends, workmates, colleagues, school friends many more...


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