• Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust

    Our aim is to provide an environment that encourages clients to develop the skills to empower them to meet their own needs.

    We recognise that in order for clients to meet their needs they require the skills to
    - secure a living income
    - manage debts levels and payments
    - Understand the difference between wants and needs i.e. spending choices and the impact those choices have on their lifestyles.

    Our objective is to help clients develop the motivation, skills and knowledge to effect change in their circumstances. This includes connecting with other social services in the community who can assist with support in areas such as trades training, vocational guidance, addiction support etc.

    Our services provide:

    - Free one on one financial mentoring to help clients deal with presenting crises and to assist them to improve their financial management skills going forward.

    - Free budgeting education seminars in the form of workshops and programmes to help educate and develop clients skills prior to crisis situation, so they have improved financial management for life.

    - assistance with applications for no asset procedures, Kiwisaver withdrawals, Summary installment Orders and Bankruptcy Procedures, in situation where there is no other viable alternative.


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