• Hamilton Hearing Association

    Hamilton Hearing Association

    The Hamilton Hearing Association is a voluntary organisation promoting and advancing the interests and well-being of all people affected by acquired hearing loss. We provide rehabilitation of persons who are hearing impaired to ensure their well being and independence, education of the Government and Community on the needs of the hearing impaired and education on the prevention of hearing loss.

    Our Branch provides a range of services including:
    • Information and support.
    • Personal assistance with and advice on hearing aids.
    • Minor repairs and maintenance of hearing aids.
    • Sale of assistive listening devices, including hearing impaired compatible telephones.
    • Free demonstrations and trials of all our devices.
    • Provide loan hearing aids.
    • Rest home and home visits when necessary
    • Education and advocacy.
    • Sale of new lower price Hearing Aids (working with an Audiologist for programming and fitting.)
    • Second Hand Hearing Aids.


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