• Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust

    Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust

    Activities and Programmes: To provide programmes and activities that enhances the quality and enjoyment of life.

    Training and Employment: To make provision for training and
    Employment opportunities that empower Kaumatua, Staff and Trustees.

    Advocacy and Information: To provide advocacy and
    information support for kaumatua and networks within the wider community.

    Emergency Accommodation: To provide short—term
    accommodation for Kaumatua.

    Health Services: To deliver a referral and wrap around health and wellness service.

    Social Support: Transport to health services, shopping,
    Work & Income.

    Whare Taonga: Traditional Arts & Crafts.
    Operation times—9.00am—4.00pm Monday to Friday

    Boutique: Pre loved clothing—Shop Hours 10– 2.00
    Monday to Thursday

    Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust

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