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    Who is Arthritis New Zealand?
    Arthritis New Zealand is a leading not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of over 530,000 people whose lives are affected by this painful and often debilitating disease. Our main aim is to enable a better quality of life for those people living with arthritis.

    What is arthritis?
    Arthritis is a serious health issue and the leading cause of disability in New Zealand. It is a painful and unpredictable disease that affects one-in-six New Zealanders over 15 years of age. It can affect anyone at any stage of life from infants to the elderly – over 1000 children have arthritis. There are more than 140 different forms of arthritis and there is NO CURE!

    Arthritis New Zealand focuses on raising awareness and is the leading provider of information, education, services and advocacy for arthritis in New Zealand. Our team of Arthritis Educators help people learn about their condition and the best ways to manage it. They offer a free, professional and confidential service that covers medication, exercise and diet, as well as providing specialist advice and emotional support.

    When people are able to better self-manage their condition this leads to positive outcomes for the individual, their family and the community as individuals remain in the workforce, maintain active and healthy lives, and contribute to both the economic and social life of the wider community.

    Arthritis New Zealand Arthritis New Zealand

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