• Age Concern Thames

    Age Concern Thames

    Age Concern is the first port of call for people wanting information on elder abuse and neglect prevention, alleviating loneliness, community connection and health promotion. Age Concern provides information and services which empower older people to make their own choices and decisions.
    Services consist of:
    * Accredited Visiting Service: This service works to decrease the level of social isolation and loneliness of older people in our communities.
    * Shopping Service (through DSL).
    * Fieldwork: Providing support, advocacy and assistance to older people in the community.
    * Elder Abuse & Neglect Prevention referral service: Dealing with concerns surrounding abuse of an older persons be it physical, mental, emotional, financial or verbal.
    * Health Promotion and Training - which includes training resthome staff, health professionals and other agencies. Courses are hold at Thames at various dates through out the year.


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